Basis for a thing

Dr Myles Munroe of blessed memory said in one of his books and I quote, “When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”.

We live in a world where different beliefs have swept the feet of people who once held unto the ‘truth’ but really did not know why, and even if they did, they did not have a solid base for it. Knowing the reason why you do what you do is crucial because it would determine how far you would go in this life and in that to come. Some persons hold on to some certain beliefs because it was what they met on the table when they arrived earth, so they keep sticking to the ‘status quo’.
In this age we live where knowledge is on the rise and our curiosity is heightened, we ought to make sincere effort to question stuffs before we take them in and shove them down the throat of those we influence in our circle. Young minds aspiring to do fantastic in parenting are my greatest fear because wanting to raise godly children in a world where evil has become the order of the day would be tough. The curiosity of the children have to be fed with the truth, really, we owe them all of the truth because the world is ready to feed them with what they want to hear. No matter how small that thing is, get a reason for doing it, don’t just say i don’t know, i’m just doing, No! get a reason. It is a way of making you responsible and your life having somewhat a meaning.

In all your doings, have a solid reason!

4 thoughts on “Basis for a thing

  1. @ precious uzoigwe of course, as a result of the curious nature of man, he wants to find out WHY and that is what drives him to explore life. When he finds the right reason in the course of his exploration, he makes right and informed decision and that ends him well. Thanks for contributing!

  2. The world itself is an adventure and anyone born into it would like to explore. As we are left with choices to make. Making the right choice ends us well

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