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Life does not give us what we need or want, it gives us what we demand. Not all the people who go through the four walls of a school make demands out of their lives but those who have gone through the process of educating themselves.
School does not always teach you what life demands. You have to teach yourself that. You might want to ask yourself this question, “How many things have I taught myself, or what am I teaching myself?”.
Someone defined education as the ability of the human spirit to experience his environment, to find options that exist in that environment and to know the one to embrace as a matter of supreme urgency with aptitude. 
How much have you been able to experience your environment? Experiencing your environment means understanding the kind of environment you are in, and make the best choices out of that environment.
Research has shown that environment contributes about 50% of a persons chance of success in life, while attitude contributes about 40% and knowledge contributes the remaining 10%. This research shows how important our environment can affect our success. Living a life of success or significance is largely affected by the environment we are in.
Many people in the third world countries like ours already have a flawed environment, and this has contributed significantly to the setbacks we face in this part of the world. This reason is no excuse to be a failure. We have the ability to redefine our environment. This environment includes friends, family, foes, setting and background. As there are part of the environment we cannot change, there are a whole lot that we can influence. If we cannot change our physical environment which many a times we do not have power over, we can definitely change our internal environment, and that environment is our MIND.
The Mind is a great part of our environment and changing our mind by controlling what goes inside of it would cause a drastic change in our lives and increase our chances of being successful or significant.
We have realized that the school system teaches students of the 21st century things of the 19th century which has made what we learn in school close to being irrelevant in our today’s world. That is why first in class is not necessarily first in life.
Have you thought about the guys who invented the technologies we use now? Guess what? Many of them never went through the four walls of a school. Some of them where drop outs. They never let academics get in the way of their education and that is what you should never do too. As much as you want to do well in school and come out top of your class, never let academics get in  the way of your education.
The quality of your thought is determined by what you consume to feed your mind. At every point in time, you have to keep developing your mind, learning value based thinking, developing skills ( life, soft and hard) that will help you make that quantum leap you desire.


  1. Exactly, BEC.

    But society and the system of this third world has made schooling so unrelating to reality basically.

    But we can find a way of identifying the missing links and joining them together. That's the idea of education. Training your mind to go the extra mile.

    Thanks for your contribution.

  2. 'Schooling' should really have served as ONE OF the means or access to Education than posing as one and only definition of education. It should expose one to understanding what it means not to know and tips on how to know no matter what the knowledge in pursuit is.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Keep gleaning, Grace.

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