Beyond giving your Best.

What’s it about ‘giving your best’ and ‘giving what it takes/required’?
Lately I’ve been feeding my mind on a couple of materials and I’m amazed at how hard the truth can get sometimes.
The mind works with conditioning and it’s how well we have conditioned the mind to work that it finds expression in the responses to situations within and around us.
If you had to build a 5,000 capacity hall, there are things to consider before going ahead to build. There’d be a need to consider the space to build on, the kind of foundation that can withstand the structure of the building, the materials necessary to build, the quantity of materials that’d be needed and the strength of those materials.
These are essentials, and because all these are required, regardless of what you can afford at the time, you’ll have to work towards meeting the requirements.
The world has gone beyond the ‘give your best’ charge and has stepped up to ‘give what is required’.
What I(and if not most of us) was told while growing up was to ‘give your best’ and that would be enough. Little did I  know that my best might not measure up to what is required to get that job done.
Before you try to give your best to whatever it is that you are working on, how about you ask what is required of you before you commence in case there might be a need for you to up your game or work on yourself in other to get the optimal result.
You can give your best to an organization for years and still be the one they’d let go when it’s time to cut down their numbers.

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