Nothing in Itself is FREE

You know why people take many things for
granted? It is because they assume certain things are gotten for free.

Some children squander their parents money because to them it is ‘free money’.
Some people take lightly the access they have to some persons because they are ‘familiar’ with those people.
Nothing in itself is Free.

The scholarship you got for that professional programme you thought was at no cost wasn’t for free. Someone paid for it. The brand new car you got on your birthday wasn’t free, someone paid for it.
Nothing in itself is Free.

When you see brand owners and good hearted people organize educative programs without a price tag on it and give access to almost everybody, understand that the program isn’t for free, someone paid for it.
Even salvation that is free for all was paid for by someone.
Nothing in itself is Free.

What you think you got as free, was paid for by someone. You might think cash didn’t go into the transaction but a type of money was exchanged for it.

Other than cash which is the least form of money, there is credibility that shows consistency of your result ( that’s why you got that million dollar contract without tussle).
There is competence that shows consistency of your skill ( that’s why you got that job even without knowing someone in that organization) And then there is companionship that shows consistency of relationships (this is the currency many people ride on and gotten many opportunities through mentors, family and friends).
Nothing in itself is Free.

When next you want to think that you got something for free and take it lightly, pause and check the currency of money that made that possible.
Nothing in itself is Free.

Everything is worth a price and so are you.

13 thoughts on “Nothing in Itself is FREE

  1. 'Freedom is not free'. Someone need to drink water on this one. Lol.
    Nothing really should be taken for granted because for every thing we embrace or forfeit, there's usually a cost attached to it.
    It's now left for us to choose which cost is beneficial to us.
    Thank you so much for contributing.

  2. Freedom as well never came free especially when you think about "you"!
    To trivialize the time you've got, people you meet, emotions you have, skills you've got, opportunities you have/get…are all mistakes that should be redressed. Remember, they all have a cost!

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