New Challenges: How well do you deal with them?

It is no news about the pandemic ravaging the world right now and how badly this is affecting every single one of us in the way we work, love and generally live our lives and this is enough to cause one to worry.
Asides this storm raging without, we’ve got a whole lot affecting us within. We all give them different names from challenges, to problems, to difficulty and what have you but I choose to call them challenges as they are all in phases and they will pass. 
What you term as ‘tough’ may just be a walk over for someone else because no two human is same, not even twins. Our strengths and weaknesses differ, such that we have them to complement one another.
How do you see your challenge?
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us”-Marianne Williamson.

The above quote explains what really makes us scared. Sometimes, when we cringe in our challenge, it’s really not always because we don’t know how to get through it, it is because we think less of ourselves to be able to proffer such badass solution to it. We think we are too powerful and maybe the people around us may not be able to contain our power, so we downplay to accommodate them. I have been there too.
Now, take a look at your life in retrospect and where you are today, I am very sure you must have done things you were afraid of doing or even thought would end your life but here you are, reading this and being just as fine and even better than you were then. 
If you back off from a project of value because you think it will be challenging or risky, let me ask you one quick question: what in this life is without risk? Even being alive is risky so you might want to begin to question your existence.
Are you scared about starting out your business, applying for that position of your dream, leaving that toxic environment you’ve grown to know, putting up an application for that grant, doing that fantastic thing you have always wanted to do? Your fears are valid, face them. Being scared is a sign that you are doing the right thing. ‘Ease on the other side, is the greatest threat to progress than hardship’ says Denzel Washington.
I remember taking on a new role at work. I was just moved to sales and Marketing to be the team lead. This one unit I so dread especially because my introverted personality won’t let me be. It took me a whole 7 days to recover from the news. I was almost going to reject this new role outrightly  but then, how will I grow if I don’t face my fears and take on some challenging task? After all, I have been doing a bit of marketing before now, so I accepted and starting developing myself and acquiring skills to be efficient in that space.
In this zone where I live, we DO and if it looks or feels scary, we still DO IT AFRAID. You do it regardless and in the end you will be grateful that you did it.

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