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The street called stretch street.

Welcome to the noble month of August💐 !
“Life is growth. If we stop growing, technically, we stop living” – Morihei Ueshiba
I have experienced major changes this year especially this last month and I’m here to share the summary with you.

Nothing grand happens in your comfort zone. The work, the moves, and everything progress are experienced on that street called stretch. 
This is the life we are called to live. A life of GROWTH and it all happens on the stretch street.

Many people appear dead while alive and this happens when you they only exist. They leave their lives to chances. It’s either the growth is intentional or is left to chance. One of the two must happen.

By default, humans don’t like discomfort or pain and when we experience them, we are so quick to push it away which is okay but then the pain and discomfort came for a reason. You need to understand why you experience them and use them for your advancement. Nothing should come to you and waste, even your pains. You need to channel them in the right direction.

“Growth and comfort do not coexist” – Ginnie Rometty 

Growth is a painful process and having a defining moment in your life requires that you intentionally move from the zone of your comfort to a place of stretch which is where the work happens.

Growth is a process that continues for a lifetime and before you hit yourself so hard for not seeing results as fast as you want it, do understand that the direction of growth is inside out. Sometimes, growth is not obvious in material things, in some seasons, growth is in your roots.
In Isaiah 37:31, God told Hezekiah concerning the Judah that they will take their roots downwards, and bear fruits upwards.
In this light, we learn to measure our growth in terms of who we are becoming more than what we are doing because the fruits you bear is directly proportional to the kind of seeds planted within you. Only healthy seeds produces healthy fruits.

God has called us into a life of growth and fruitfulness. This He did upon creation in Genesis 1:28. We were instructed TO BE FRUITFUL. As we grow, our fruitfulness finds expression in the fruit of the lips(our words), in the fruit of the Spirit(our character), in the fruit of the mind( our ideas) and in the fruit of the womb( our offsprings).

“Growth itself contains the germs of happiness” – Pearl S. Buck

Do you seek true happiness? Check out how you’ve been growing. How you been intentional about it or you have left it to chance?
Slow or fast, ensure you are growing intentionally.
“If you can’t fly, run.
If you can’t run, walk.
If you can’t walk, crawl.”
Just keep moving, keep growing and keep evolving, you’ll be better for it.

Love and light always,


7 thoughts on “The street called stretch street.

  1. Thank you Grace for sharing this insightful piece with us.
    We should always bear in mind that growth is part of our lives and like you highlighted, it is a continuous process. Let's embrace every change with the right attitude.

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