24 Hours is ENOUGH With Some Extras.

I remember I used to be on this table some months ago. 

24 hours a day was never enough for me. 

Upon review of how my day went, I realized I always had unfinished tasks every single day and when I managed to finish up my daily tasks, I’m usually tired out.

This is not the best way to live!

Then this truth hit me from one of my intentional studies and I’m going to share it with you because I care about you.

Listen up, 24 Hours is ENOUGH for you with some extra time!

That’s right, you read it!

There’s a way to live life, and if you choose to live it on your own terms, you will get the results of living on your own terms.

Let’s take a cue from the Book that’s got the wonder-working wisdom embedded in it and that is the scripture.

During the creation of the world, God looked upon what he created daily and saw that they were good. First, he started by creating light and he separated it from the darkness. This gave us insight into timing. (You can read further from Genesis 1). 

If God wasn’t pleased with the length of day and night, we would have known from the record and he will work on it like he did when he made man and said it wasn’t good for man to be alone in the garden of Eden. He then created a helpmeet for him.

24 Hours is ENOUGH for you with some extra time!

After creating daily, God always had time to review what he did. That’s the extra time I’m talking about. There should be some extra time for you daily to always review how your day went and you appraise accordingly.

As God is, so we (his children) are in this world! 

If you use the excel package of Microsoft office well, you’d agree with me that when you first started using it, there were many functions you didn’t know about and that gave room for many delays. For a task that could take less than 15minutes to be completed, you’ll end up spending 3 hours or more on it.

That happened because you didn’t have a knowledge of the many easy functions the excel package had that could help you desist from slave trade and make life a lot easier and better for you at work. 

When you encounter a higher level of wisdom in anything, you begin to do things with ease and greater productivity hence you open up room for higher responsibilities and things that matter to you. This is the progression of life.

If you ever find yourself being overwhelmed with anything at any phase of your life,  your career, finance, health, relationships (with God and men), etc. Just know that there’s a knowledge gap. Wisdom is missing out, fill it up with Wisdom and you’ll just see the ‘magic’ happen.

There’s always a better way to do a thing. Seek it out. Always be on the outlook for productivity hacks. Things that’ll help you leave out frivolities so that you can focus on things that matter the most to you.

The prioritize for productivity image above shows how you can group your tasks daily so you can laser your focus on the things that matter to you the most.

Based on your big vision, break down your goals annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily. Make the goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound (SMART). Make a list of your daily tasks and prioritize them.

1. DO – These are the tasks that are urgent and important to you. These tasks, if left undone at that time can cost you something dear.

2. PLAN – These are not urgent and important tasks. They don’t require that you do them at the moment. You schedule a time to do them because they are important.

3. DELEGATE – These tasks are urgent but not important. They don’t need you to be physically present so it’s easier for you to assign the responsibility to some else.

4. ELIMINATE – These tasks should be taken off of your plate. As a matter of fact, you can survive without doing them. So rule them out and allow for more DO tasks.

This way, you’ll be living a happier and fulfilled life.

So, today, what have you learned? And how are you going to put it (them) to practice?

I’d love to read them too. Drop a comment for me.

Keep living your best life!


19 thoughts on “24 Hours is ENOUGH With Some Extras.

  1. One very important truth that struck me was our responsibility to eliminate unproductive task, this has hindered a lot and I'm sure I echo the sentiments of most people, we must learn to Eliminate unproductive task intentionally

  2. Prioritize for productivity chart is so unveiling and has given a real picture to the possibility of energy conservative and time investment.
    Lot of wisdom ma.

  3. Yeah…of late I've been feeling 24hrs hasn't been enough. Glad I read through. I believe a key ingredient for the "prioritize for productivity" formula is Discipline. It goes a long way to keep us in check.

  4. Thanks for this dear.
    Most times we feel this 24hours is not enough time but if we plan our day and prioritize important and urgent stuffs, we will find out how plenty the time is.

    When urgent and important things are not done first, the hours will be insufficient.
    Thanks once again

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