The God-Kind of Love.

His love is pure, 

His love is surreal!
There’s no condition to his loving.
It’s so deep and travels widely.
It goes beyond oceans, seas, seven mountains, to find you.

He loves you as his first love.
There’s no hierarchy in his loving.
He loves everyone equally.
You know why? It’s the same person he sent to die for each and every one of us.

oh, how deep is his love,
How high is goes,
How overwhelming is the love.

One beautiful thing is that God has put this nature in us.
Express it. 
Don’t say I don’t know how to love, ‘cos you do.
Activate it.
Love with reckless abandon.
Love wholeheartedly.

People might look undeserving for you to give them your love, but did you deserve Abba’s Love?
He says our righteousness are as filthy rags before him.

You might want to ask how to start.
Start by telling yourself that you are a lover just like your Father.
Say it to yourself every time.
Let your spirit man and your environment be in agreement with your confession.

Then, show it in your smile.
Show it in your greeting.
Show it in your giving.
Show it in your hugs.
Show it in your work.
Show it to everyone.
You are made in Christ’s image.

You are such a lover, just like your Father!

This is the Zoe-kind of love!

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