Intimacy with Abba Father
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Intimacy with Abba Father

Intimacy with Abba Father

Intimacy with Abba Father.

In this uncertain times and in a world such as this, if there’s anything we need just as much as the air we breathe, it is intimacy with Abba Father. His heart towards us is to have an intimate relationship with Him. He has been reaching out to us and He is waiting for us to respond to His call and His love.

“God’s desire is to not only have you experience His love, but to totally overwhelm you with His love. To have you experience it to overflowing. To have you sense, feel, taste and touch His love for you. He really wants you to experience Him” – Linda Boone

This is intimacy with Abba Father!

There’s a background story to this post but I will share it in another blogpost. Walk with me.

Intimacy is what every human crave for on different levels. Humans are wired for love, connection and belonging. Knowing that we are created in God’s image, we can deduce that Abba Father also craves for intimacy. This was the reason why there was Eden in the first place, so he can have that intimacy, fellowship and everything lovely with man. What a great plan this is!

David, the intimate man.

Every character in Scripture is special but on intimacy, David’s relationship with God never ceases to amaze me. Sometime In 2020, I took my time to study the life of David and all he represented in the Scriptures even down to his son, Solomon and I found out that David’s heart was beautiful. As a matter of fact, I told myself that when I get to heaven, after hugging and greeting everybody, I’m going to spend some time to gist with David😁.

There were striking traits David had, one of which was his heart for God. He made God his priority. He was always conscious of the things of God and ready to do God’s biddings. The posture of David’s heart towards God was obedience and even when he missed it and deviated from God’s instructions, he always ran back to God in surrender. I can only imagine how that made God feel. No wonder God called him a man after His own heart.

Another attitude of David was his humility. He doesn’t try to be right. He is always humbled to see where he has made mistakes and also humble enough to take necessary corrections.

True intimacy with God always brings humility – Beth Moore


Abba Father reaches out to us for intimacy.

“I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the LORD. They will be my people, and I will be their God, for they will return onme with all their heart” – Jeremiah 24:7 KJV

God seeks intimacy because that is his nature. He has that intimate with the Trinity. He wants to replicate same on the earth, with us. God knows us no doubt, even to the meal we had for breakfast this morning, he knows but he wants this knowing to be mutual. He is always reaching out to us, calling us back to himself.

Intimacy with God is not in the number of church services you attend, it’s not in how many units you serve in church, it’s in how well you know God and his heart concerning you. I didn’t say how well you know about God. There’s a difference between knowing something and knowing about it. When you know something, you already have some sort of relationship with that thing. Have a relationship with God, let it be an intimate one.


What Abba offers.

Know God, don’t just know about him. We’ve carried so much weight from the past, or you’re even carrying some of the weights. He wants to shoulder them for you because that’s what his shoulders are there for.

With everything we hear going on in this world you will understand that there’s no safe place on this side. What is hitting a country is different from what is hitting another, but there’s peace of mind when you know you can find security in God.

We weren’t made to live life alone like lone rangers. We thrive better in community but we flourish the most when we are intimate with Abba. He gives so much peace, hope and unending Joy. Abba didn’t promise us a life free of challenges because as long as we are in this world, challenges will abound but he assured us that he will walk through the journey of life with us.

“Met God out looking for them! God told them “I’ve never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love and more love!” – Jeremiah 31:3 MSB

Considering the love of Abba towards you and all He has to offer you, would you respond to His call today? Let us know in the comments or send us an email at

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  1. I like how you made it clear that knowing about God is different from knowing God, having a relationship with Him. Thanks for this!

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