Words of Affirmation

The Thing About Words of Affirmation

Words of Affirmation

The thing about words of affirmation.

There are so many things about words of affirmation but this one thing… Words of affirmation is common to ALL relationships.

I really didn’t need to check in with Dr Gary Chapman to know that words of affirmation was prevalent amongst the 5 major love languages he wrote about but I still did anyway. Just in case you don’t know what the 5 love languages are, here they are:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality time
  • Physical touch
  • Acts of service
  • Receiving gifts


Statistically, about 23% of the population that took the quiz on his website had words of affirmation as their primary love language. 20% were for quality time,  another 20% were for act of service, 19% were for physical touch, while 18% went for receiving gifts. You can take this quiz to learn your love language.

Words of affirmations, not a one-way thing.

Every love birds you see or know; husband and wife, fiance/fiancé, or those in a generally loving relationship; mother and child, God and his children, friends to friends, e.t.c, there is usually an affirmation or a reaffirmation of love. Sometimes, these affirmations are in words and at others times, they are in writings. This expression is usually not a one-way thing. The love, though may not be at an equal level, is always mutual especially for both of them to agree that they are in that relationship.

Most of the time, we are familiar with how we interact with our partners and how it should be a two-way thing but sometimes we do not understand how it works with God. We didn’t just come in anyhow form, we were created in the likeness of God. This means that if you see me, you should have an idea of how God looks like and if I see you too, I should have a picture of what God looks like. Hence, the emotions that we feel because he has them too.

As a mother reaffirms her love to her child, and a man reaffirms his love to his wife/fiancé and vice versa, God reaffirms his love to us through his Word ( Scriptures) and he expects us to reciprocate it.

God wants your words of affirmations too.

Yes He does. He doesn’t need it but he wants it.

Have you ever paused to take in the words you read from Scriptures just like you take in a breath of fresh air? Have you ever stopped to embraced the bible in your hand just as you were reading it because it felt like the words of affirmation in there jumped right at you as you read them or it came to you as a whisper? Which one have you felt?

Honestly, I have felt all of it. It’s just so soothing and amazing and sometimes, I break down in years when I realize the depth of these words being said to me and about me.

Did you know that God feels like we do? Yes God has feelings too. Some of the emotions God expressed in Scripture:

  1. God laughs (Psalms 37:12-13); God mourns (John 11:35);
  2. He hates (Proverbs 6:16-19);
  3. God loves (John 3:16)
  4. He feels compassion (Matthew 14:14)
  5. He also feels anger (Exodus 4:14) and many other emotions of God embedded in His Word.

God wants us to reciprocate the love he has towards us in obedience. Tell me you can’t give God back as much as he has given you, well, have you given the one that you can give first?

Affirm as often as you can.

How often do you reaffirm/recommit yourself to God? How often do you let Him know that you’re forever on His side? I know we assume a lot as humans but then, assumption is like the lowest form of knowledge. Just the way you get smitten by your physical lover and tell them, do you tell Jesus? And as we say these loving words back to Him, let it move us to show it in the life that we live because being God’s child or being spiritual is for the fruits of the Spirit to be reproduced in our lives and it affects our relationship with others around us. Appreciate people for who they are to you and the value they add to your life and their environment. Randomly give out complement,you won’t break. Tell people how amazing they have done and if possible, reward them. It will encourage them to do better.

This little light of ours, we’re gonna let it shine.

My words of affirmation to You.

Dear God, my heart beats for you. I constantly place your love as a seal upon my heart. Even though you know, I still want to tell you that I’m forever on your side. I am yours, forever yours.

I say some of these words to God as often as I can and I think you can write Him some great lines that expresses how you deeply feel about it.

As you express your feels to God, tell your loved ones how much you care about them and what they mean to you. Genuinely complement people and tell them how amazing they are and they work they do. It will improve their health as well as yours.

May we keep radiating the personality of God which is LOVE.

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