When Your Result Doesn’t Correspond To Your Effort

When your result doesn't correspond your effort.

How does it feel when your result doesn’t correspond to your effort? You put in a lot of effort into a thing (relationship, academic, career etc) but the results just won’t add up. Yeah?

One of the formulas I have known for success which I think you’ve heard too is this;

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.


We have sang this quote since time immemorial and we still sing it but…

I guess to every rule, there’s usually an exemption.

The ICAN struggle: When result doesn’t correspond to your effort.

The other day, I was on twitter and read a lady’s tweet. She shared her ordeal on the first time she wrote her ICAN examination in 2019.

It was one of her first exams and she really prepared for it. She got her materials, read ahead, attended tutorials, read over the nights, and did all of those things students would normally do to get good grades.

She literally gave her all for the exam.

Exam day came and went, then results came out and guess what? Of the five papers she wrote, she only passed one. A case of “when your result doesn’t correspond to your effort”🤦

That was a devastating experience for her and she said she cried and cried and wondered what went wrong.

If that was you, what would you have done?

Today, she celebrated the fact that she has concluded her ICAN exams and she is now a chartered Accountant💃

Care to read her story? Ready here

I loved this story so much because it hits home.

There are times when I give my all to a cause and expect to get a corresponding result but my hope will be dashed to the bare ground. Hard times it can be.

…And then another story: When your result doesn’t corresponding to effort.

I also remember one of the University experiences my mentor always shared; how he always organized tutorials for his classmates and those in junior levels when he was in the university.

Fast forward to this time they took a course in his 300 Level, it was pharmacology. He knew the course well enough so he taught his colleagues.

Exam day came and went, and results were now released. The people he taught were dancing to the As they had and he checked his result and saw an E. No, the grades didn’t add up. Another clear case of “when your result doesn’t correspond to your effort”

He was 100% sure of what he wrote so he went to recall his papers. Well, politics was played in his department and he couldn’t get to see what he wrote.

He had to rewrite that course the following year and it affected his grade points which made him graduate with a second class upper instead of a first class because that course was a 4 unit.

Right now, He is currently one of the lead voices in International Trade in Nigeria.

Your disposition in these moments…

I have always been a preacher of seasons and experiences and that everything happening to you or that has happened to you happened for a reason, of which in retrospect, people realize the reasons they went through those seasons and are grateful for it.

Sometimes, God might have allowed you go through those seasons so that you would be a guiding light to others who go through same season.

Sometimes, God might have allowed you go through those seasons so that you would be a guiding light to others who go through same season.

Your experiences are never a waste.

God’s plan in the midst of it all

Now, this is to you who have been putting in a lot of effort for a very long time and you’re not seeing the result you expect just yet. You have applied to several jobs but you’ve not gotten any one.

You’ve applied for scholarships, yet nothing seem to be working out. Nothing is making sense yet for you. I’m here to tell you not to throw in the towel just yet. You may just be two steps to harbour, pretty close to your finishing line.

Here is a re-assurance from our Father telling us that we’re never alone and He has our best interest at heart;

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

Jeremiah 29:11 NLT

This scripture perfectly encapsulates God’s thought towards you and His word never lies. Just be very sure that He has your best interest at heart. So rejoice!!! Don’t let the devil steal your joy. The King of Zion is for you! It will eventually end in praise.

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One thought on “When Your Result Doesn’t Correspond To Your Effort

  1. My take-home:

    “Sometimes, God might have allowed you go through those seasons so that you would be a guiding light to others who go through same season.”

    This conquers our debasing thought of being a looser instead of a learner. While we succeed, we would not stop being grateful for experience whether good or ‘for good’. See the bad as ‘for good’.

    More grace, Ms. Grace.

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