A fresh start

A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start!

Happy New Year🎊

It’s been several months of not writing to you here. Oh well, here’s to a fresh start 🥂

How are you doing currently?

Ready for the new year? I presume. (Inserts sound of “Even if you’re not ready for the day, it cannot always be night”😁)

A start of something new

I have read a few tweets lately where people were being advised to either have a word/words from God, or have a solid plan to run with this new year.


The journey is easier when you have an idea of where you’re going, or what the next 365 days hold for you. However, you’re not out of place if you do have any of these. The new year in itself is not entirely new. Some people would need to continue the works they started in the previous year; while for some, it could be the start of something new.

On the contrary, If most of your plans for 2022 didn’t fall through, or you had a really rough year; it might be difficult to get yourself sorted for the new year.

Here’s what God is offering you: A FRESH START.

And the one sitting on the throne said, “Look, I am making all things new!” And then he said to me, “Write this down, for what I tell you is trustworthy and true.”

Rev 21:5

Make use of the fresh start

A fresh start - New year, new opportunity
New year, new opportunities

Interestingly, the year is still very young, you can make of it what you will. You have been offered a fresh start.

You have an opportunity to do what you have to do. Seek the help you need. Let Jehovah Rohi (The Lord our Shepherd) guide you this year.

Now, maximize the remaining days of opportunity you have, and let’s have reasons to celebrate in 365/365 days time.

I hope you really have an amazing year.

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