Me & My Mental Health: Episode 3
Me & My Mental Health

Me & My Mental Health Series: Episode 3.

We are in Episode 3, which is the penultimate episode of the Me & My Mental Health Series and I am excited for the progress so far🥳. It’s been a journey for all of us and I want to thank YOU for following through these episodes, for sharing in the stories of warriors living with the different mental health conditions, and for also learning through the process too. If you skipped any of the previous episodes to get here, you don’t need to worry, I gat you. Click on Episode 1 and Episode 2 to catch up.

Mental health…is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.

Noam Shpancer, PhD

The Mental Health Series Conversation

In this episode, we interview a lady yet again who is struggling with a mental health condition and has decided to share a bit of her story with us. Let’s start the conversation!

(Key: GwG = Gleaning with Grace; A = Guest)

GwG: How do you feel?

A: Not too fine

GwG: Do you mind sharing why you feel this way?

A: Yes, I mind. I’ll let it pass for now.

GwG: Oh, that fine. Whenever you’re ready to share, I’m here to listen.

A: Thank you

GwG: Can we meet you?

A: My name is Dee. I love God, and I love life too!

GwG: Great to have you here Dee.
What mental health condition are you managing?

A: Trichotillomania, and sometimes depression.

GwG: When were you diagnosed of it?

A: Last year (2022)

What the journey looks like

GwG: Can you share how the journey has been like for you?

A: It’s been tough, and that’s because there’s no one to share it with. I don’t know what people would think of me if they knew what I was struggling with.

GwG: Hmm! if there was anything you could have changed about your condition what would that be? And why?

A: I honestly can’t say for now.

GwG: Okay. Have you have caregiver(s) at any point? If yes, what role are they playing in your recovery?

A: Nope. Nobody knows I have trichotillomania.

GwG: Hmmn!
What challenges are you facing with regards this mental health condition?

A: I have my own share of shame and low self esteem. I really wish people could be kinder and more open when it comes to mental health disorders.

GwG: Yes, that’s right. Mental health discuss as a whole needs more vulnerability and kind considerations too. While I see that there are a number of awareness going on about mental health, I believe it still needs a lot of open conversations, which is one of the things we are doing here, and also like the conversation M.I and his wife had with Aproko Doctor.

Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.

Brene Brown

What word(s) do you have for people who are struggling with mental health issues?

A: You’re strong and amazing. Don’t be ashamed of your mental health issues, and it’s perfectly okay to have a therapist too.

GwG: That’s right! I always say that for believers, it is okay to have Jesus and a therapist too.

Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your story with us, and at the same time, amplifying the message of mental health.

A: I’m glad I could share my story. Thanks for the privilege.

What mental health needs

To be honest, I am just getting to know that there’s a condition as Trichotillomania, I have not heard of it before. If we never had this Episode 3 conversation of our Mental Health Series, it may take a longer time for me to find out about this condition.
Because we cannot exhaust what to talk about in mental health, we need to keep having these conversations. In them people get support, a form of community that stems from belonging. Mental health needs more sunlight literally. Genn Close captures it beautifully in one of her quotes:

What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation about illnesses that affect not only individuals, but their families as well.

Glenn Close

This quote will usher us into the final episode of this series. Ensure to subscribe.

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