Lens of Gratitude

The Lens of Gratitude

Gratitude can be the lens with which you view life.

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow” – Melody Beattie

Even in chaos, choose gratitude

Choosing gratitude can be very had, especially when all you are surrounded with are negative things. Life in itself is chaotic. I know, you may say “God forbid” but did you hear about the recent attack in Plateau State where Christians were killed on Christmas day? December 25th ought to be the day where Christians celebrate the birth of the symbol of hope we have for the hereafter, Jesus Christ, but we had people in middle-belt of Nigeria mourn for their loved ones. That’s beyond chaotic, it is pathetic.

Just very recently too, December 10th, we lost someone in one of the communities I belong to. This was a death that could be avoided, but someone choose to ensure they protected food much more than they cared for a life they could have saved. Horrible!

There are also many more unpleasant situations we have experienced individually, and collectively as a country. If we choose to focus on these things, we won’t get much out of life.

There is a way to see life, and that is to see it through the lens of gratitude.

The Gratitude Jar & Journaling

My Colorful Gratitude Jar
My Colorful Gratitude Jar

Last year, I decided I was going to take a posture of gratitude. Sometimes, these things are very easy to say, and if you do not put structures in place to get them done, it will be all wishes. I tweeted about it and also made a WhatsApp post about it. Nine ladies said they would like to join me in the process. I was super excited. This was something I would be doing for the very first time and 9 humans wanted to walk with me through it? That was a gratitude moment for me.

Screenshot of the tweet I made about it
Screenshot of the tweet I made about it

After the interests I got, I created a WhatsApp group and we began. I became their accountability partner, sending daily reminders to them to fill their jars and journal about their day, highlighting what they are grateful for. It was tiring especially because on some days, you just want to sulk after you return from work. Nothing seemed right at the moment, but you’ve got to think deep and look for that thing you are grateful. It could be as little as Nepa gave us light, so I didn’t have to sleep in the heat.

Some of the ladies shared some moments with me, good and bad, I earnestly prayed for each and everyone of them. My heart was truly devoted to them. Thank God we have testimonies already, and by the time we will be opening our jars, there will be outbursts of gratitude. I am grateful for Adaobi, Adenike, Christy, Gloria, Ifeoluwapo, Immaculata, Mary, Phummie, Praise and myself for the strength and will power to do this.

Lens of gratitude
Our WhatsApp Group Chat

Recounting 2023 with the lens of gratitude

I cannot recount all the favor and blessings I have received this year, all the testimonies I and my household have recorded, and altogether the goodness of God. Talk of many FIRSTs, better health, being able to afford some things I was not able to afford the previous year, acquired a couple of skills and everything in-between. Also the year I didn’t have birthday blues. God is so good.

“Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame” – Psalms 35:5

Lens of Gratitude
Birthday Girl

Over to you!

How has your year been? What are 5 things you are most grateful to God about this year? Is Gratitude Journaling what you will try out in the new year, 2024? If anything, always see your life through the lens of gratitude, wear gratitude like a cloth.

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