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Unity In Diversity

Unity in Diversity - One Tribe
Beautiful faces of Triumph Squad – Unity in Diversity

There ought to be unity in diversity. In our diversity of educational and social backgrounds, our difference in political perspectives, our cultural upbringing, and everything that makes us different from one another, we are bonded in the unity of Faith in Christ Jesus our Lord.  This was the whole essence of the Cultural Day Celebration by the Triumph Squad of Faith Church, which happens to be my local assembly.

“One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all” – Ephesians 4:5&6.

Where It all Began

We know a lot of people have bias. I mean, almost every one has got a bias. However, some persons have taken their biases too far and it has affected how they relate with people in the workplace, in business, in the political space as well as in our families.

You hear some Yoruba people say things like “awon igbo yen won buru”. Loosely interpreted as – Igbo people are very wicked. Or you hear some Igbo people say “ndi ofe nmanu ha di lazy”.  Loosely interpreted as – Yoruba people are lazy; and so on. You begin to ask yourself how people came up with these perspectives of different tribes.

You see business owners denying great talent employment, because they are not from a certain tribe. Parents threatening their children not to marry from a certain tribe, and a political party cursing out on other political parties. These things happen in the church too, howbeit very coded-ly, where unity in our diversity ought to be emphasized.

The Event – Unity in Diversity

Triumph Squad saw this challenge and decided to address it through this program, titled: Cultural Day: One Tribe in God’s Family. It was a strategic event as the next day, our beloved country celebrated her independence.

The dress code was that people came in their tribal attire and it appeared that everyone understood the assignment, from Pastors to members and invitees alike. Everyone came in their tribe’s dressing and very colorful at that. It was such a beauty to behold.

Amidst The beautiful activities that happened during the event, the highlight was the panel session we had. Experts and established representative in Politics, Business, and Relationship Matters addressed several pertinent questions being asked by the participants online and offline. It was indeed a clarity and perspective shaping session. 

Panel Session
Panel Session

After the array of activities we curated, Triumph Squad came prepared with the meals, serving different array of foods. Even me, a team member who worked in the kitchen for this event was shocked at the different delicacies we prepared. It was rich an sumptuous.

There was Ofada rice, swallow, porridge et al. My only pain was that I couldn’t even taste all the foods we sweated to prepare 😌 (A lesson for me to always keep some portion out before serving the crowd)

The feedback from the meals and the event in general was enough compensation for not eating. The encomium couldn’t stop coming in. It was an event for the books.

The Wrap

Community is an Integral part of man’s holistic growth and it’s God’s idea too because he plants the solitary in families. 

God places the solitary in families and gives the desolate a home in which to dwell… – Psalms 68:6 

As you sojourn on your Christian walk, you need people to support you when you go through seasons, pray for and with you and you can fellowship together with. That’s what community is for, and that’s what the church is for too. If you are looking for a community of Join for your progress in the faith, FaithTrybe is here for you. Click on social media page for more information.

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One Tribe Cultural Day
Participants at the One Tribe Event

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